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Bottom of the Drawer, #1

Multimedia Installation. Post-It® Sticky Note (Crayon, Fine-point Permanent Marker, Watercolor Pencil, Hot Glue, Glitter, Rhinestone, Googly Eye, Diorama Miniature, Sticker). 3in x 2.5in x 0.25in. 2023.

"Bottom of the Drawer #1" is a multimedia installation, thoughtfully crafted on the transient canvas of a Post-It® Sticky Note, adorned with the simplest of materials: crayons, markers, glitter, and even a lone googly eye. Each item was unearthed from the depths of my cluttered craft supply drawers and bins.

The creative journey behind this piece was both instinctive and unrestrained. I sifted through my craft supplies, allowing each item that caught my attention to become part of the artwork. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, I arranged these diverse materials on the sticky note, filling every possible space. The canvas evolved organically, capturing my spontaneous bursts of creativity until there remained no space untouched. This piece stands as a testament to the potential of often overlooked trinkets and broken craft tools to transform into art.

"Bottom of the Drawer #1" elevates these commonly discarded items from the depths of our cluttered storages, juxtaposing them with art pieces that may have taken considerable time and effort. It heralds the beginning of a series, an invitation to all: all one needs is a drawer of odds and ends, adhesive, and a sticky note.

My work, epitomized in this piece, is a celebration of impromptu creativity, childhood marvel, and the beauty in what is often set aside. I believe art doesn't necessarily demand grandeur or an extensively prepared canvas. It yearns for genuine expression, for those moments when the soul spontaneously resonates, irrespective of the medium. This installation defies conventional notions of art's appearance, structure, or lasting nature. It's a tribute to transient beauty, the inherent artistry of the mundane, and the profound ability of art to exist purely to evoke joy.

Embracing its purposeful ephemerality, I aspire for this piece to evoke reflections on the fleeting nature of life and its inherent beauty. While art can carry significant political weight, "Bottom of the Drawer, #1" serves as a gentle reminder that art can also simply exist — provoking smiles, recollections, and a touch of nostalgia, without grandiose proclamations. It stands, delicate yet radiant, making no apologies for its existence.

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