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Good Shepherd 2021 Black History Month Visual


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church 

(Pastor William "Mac" McKenney) 


Dale City, Virginia




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In February 2021, I created the Black History Month visual for Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. I was instructed to create what I believed Black History meant to me. My piece is inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese art practice in which an artist takes a broken piece of pottery, reassembles its fragments, and fuses them back together with melted gold. This practice symbolizes the philosophy of “golden repair”, or the idea that when something breaks, it can be built back more strong and beautiful than ever before. My work on this commission included receiving instruction from the Assistant Pastor, creating the design with vector shapes, and swiftly implementing their feedback into the piece. Upon request of the Pastor, I created a video speaking about the piece and my experience of making it with the greater church community. It was played during a church program that month. 

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