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Good Shepherd 2021 Black History Month Visual


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church 

(Pastor William "Mac" McKenney) 

Dale City, VA




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Untitled design (3).png
Project Overview:
In February 2021, I created a visual for Good Shepherd United Methodist Church's Black History Month program, inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. This project involved designing a piece that symbolizes resilience and rejuvenation, reflecting the historical and ongoing journey of Black communities.
Project Description:
  • Collaborated with the Assistant Pastor to define the project’s theme and goals, ensuring alignment with the church’s vision for Black History Month.
  • Designed using Adobe Illustrator to create vector-based graphics, focusing on precision and scalability.
  • Employed a Kintsugi-inspired aesthetic to symbolize repair and renewal, meticulously assembling broken parts into a cohesive and beautiful whole.
  • Incorporated feedback from church leaders efficiently, demonstrating flexibility and a commitment to creating impactful visuals.

The artwork was prominently featured during the church’s Black History Month program, fostering deep engagement and discussion among the congregation. The positive feedback I received highlighted my ability to blend cultural themes with artistic expression effectively. This project not only enhanced my technical skills in graphic design but also underscored the importance of cultural sensitivity and client-focused design solutions.
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