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GSUMC 2024 Logo


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (GSUMC)

Dale City, VA




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Project Overview

In March 2024, I was commissioned to design a new logo for the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (GSUMC). The project involved creating a versatile and modern logo that would be used across various church materials and platforms.


Project Description 

  • Initial Consultation: Conducted a detailed phone call with Pastor Lisa to understand the church's vision, requirements, and logistical details for the new logo.

  • Concept Development: Created six mockups of potential designs using vector shapes in Canva, incorporating feedback and preferences from the church.

  • Design Selection: Facilitated a voting process among church members to select the preferred design.

  • Final Design: Developed the chosen design in several color variations (black, red, white), ensuring a high-resolution output (1000x1000 pixels).

  • Delivery: Provided the final logo files to Pastor Lisa, both with and without the church’s name at the bottom, ready for use in various applications.


The new GSUMC logo was well-received by the church community, reflecting the modern and inclusive image the church wanted to project. The logo's versatility in color and design ensured it could be effectively used across multiple platforms, enhancing the church's branding and visibility.

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