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GSUMC Summer Camp Marketing Campaign


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (GSUMC)

Dale City, VA




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Project Overview

Currently, I am directing and creating a comprehensive marketing campaign for the summer camps held by Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (GSUMC). The objective is to attract more participants and provide clear, engaging information about the camps.


Project Description 

  • Collaboration: Working closely with the Youth Education Director to conceptualize and finalize the design ideas for the marketing materials.

  • Design Development: Transforming initial design concepts into easy-to-read, stylish fliers using a combination of vector shapes and text.

  • Adaptation for Multiple Platforms: Adapting the fliers for both print and online posting, ensuring they are optimized for various media.

  • Efficiency in Registration: Integrating QR codes into the designs to provide seamless and efficient access to the camp registration link, enhancing user experience.

  • Design Execution: Created visually appealing designs by combining vector shapes and engaging text. Focused on a clean and modern aesthetic to ensure the information is easily accessible and attractive to the target audience.


The marketing campaign is expected to significantly increase awareness and registration for the GSUMC summer camps. The fliers aim to be well-received for their clarity and visual appeal, effectively engaging the target audience across multiple platforms. The integration of QR codes is anticipated to streamline the registration process, contributing to a higher number of enrollments compared to previous years. This project demonstrates my ability to manage a full-scale marketing campaign, from concept to execution, while ensuring consistent and effective communication.

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