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Miller Arts Scholars 8th Annual Showcase T-Shirts


Miller Arts Scholars Program

University of Virginia 

(Dir. Michael Rasbury)

Woodbridge, VA




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Project Overview:
In March 2021, I designed a logo for the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Youth and Young Adult program, capturing the theme "One in the Spirit". This project aimed to embody the diversity and unity of the church community through a visually appealing and meaningful design.
Project Description:
  • Employed Adobe Photoshop to seamlessly integrate custom typography designed by fellow scholar Elis Nolan with retro-inspired visuals.
  • Chose a design aesthetic that echoed the 1970s to match and enhance the unique typography, creating a cohesive and appealing look.
  • Produced multiple design iterations, effectively using director feedback to refine and optimize the visual impact.
  • Consulted on the selection of the t-shirt color, ensuring the design would stand out and appeal to the arts community.
  • Managed the final design process, from digital creation to advising on print specifications.

The t-shirts were distributed during the annual showcase, where they were enthusiastically received by the arts scholars and broader arts community. This project not only showcased my expertise in graphic design and collaboration but also demonstrated my ability to influence and enhance community events through visual design. The positive reception of the t-shirts highlighted their impact in adding to the festive atmosphere of the showcase.
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