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Multichannel Video Installation. 3840x720. 2023. 

My artwork, Nyan_is_the_Glitch, is a multichannel video experience that incorporates video and image files sourced from the internet. I use these files and their pixels as materials as I rework and remediate them into an entirely new expression. This piece is a dynamic and explosive exploration of the overwhelming volume of media that is present on the internet and the breaking of the frames that screens create for the internet. I delve into the notion of the Glitch, which is frequently viewed as an error, virus, and problem. Instead, I draw from the theoretical frameworks presented by Legacy Rusell and artist Hito Stereyl to present the Glitch as a digital population and space of and for marginalized populations, whose existences are viewed as "glitches" in the physical world. As an icon for the Glitch, I create the character Glitch Nyan Cat, an digitally-interdimensional antihero, both guiding and terrorizing us with somewhat annoying and overwhelmingly colorful spectacles throughout the piece. I also integrate a variety of pop culture media references, integral to my personal understanding and presenting of the piece. Through these visual narratives, I examine the complex relationships between users, screens, the internet, and digital media. I endeavor to visually represent the collapsing of time, space, and perspectives that the internet as an experience captures.

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