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Pandora's Holographic Box 

Puppet and Key Frame Animation. On Hiatus. 

Pandora's Holographic Box is an upcoming production and the pilot for my animated series concept of the same name. It is my Third Year Award under the Miller Arts Scholars Program at the University of Virginia.  

My show is a sci-fi story about a sixteen-year-old girl named Marney who lives on the Moon and aspires to be the next Evil Space Empress Overlord of the entire galaxy. However, before she can reach her full villainous potential, she must defeat her greatest foe yet: high school. 

In this project, I have worked one-on-one with my mentor, Professor Federico Cuatlacuatl to create this project. Some of my work has included sketching and designing characters and environment art, working with a screenwriter to produce the script, auditioning and managing a voice acting cast, creating a storyboard and animatic for the production, and animating in After Effects using puppet and key frame animation. 


I am thankful for the Miller Arts Scholar program's approval of my proposal and grant of $3000 to produce this project. While it is still under production, I include photographs of my process. Pandora's Holographic Box is currently on hiatus. 


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