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Sad Cyborgirl Manifesto

Single-Channel Digital Video. 3840×2160. 2022. 

"Sad Cyborgirl Manifesto" is a sardonic amalgamation of Donna Haraway's "Cyborg Manifesto" and the Sad Girl aesthetic culture prevalent on social media platforms. It delves into the breach between technology and nature, examining its impact on women and the exploitation of female pain in the digital realm. With an intentional embrace of ugliness and emotionlessness, I challenge conventional notions of beauty and explore the numbing effect of technology on our organic existence. Through deliberate pixel degradation using After Effects and Premiere Pro, I symbolize the confusion and sadness that arise from our entanglement with technology. This piece is site-specific, designed to be viewed on a personal cell phone, emulating the experience of teen and young adult women in the digital sphere. By adopting this intimate format, I aim to blur the lines between art and the everyday digital encounter, inviting viewers to engage personally with the piece. Influenced by Haraway's theories, Hito Stereyl's work, and a critique of Sad Girl aesthetics, I present a sardonic approach that exposes the malleability of the internet and its potential to exploit female emotions. "Sad Cyborgirl Manifesto" confronts the complex relationship between technology and humanity, challenging the boundaries between the digital and physical realms, provoking critical reflection on the impact of the internet on our collective existence.

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