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Multimedia Digital Collage Series. August 2022

SElf is a multimedia collage series I created in August 2022. In this open-ended series, I explore the intersection of Cosplay, New Media Art, and Self-portraiture in a way that is personal to me and my interests/identity. As someone who loves fantasy and escapist works, costume play (Cosplay) has been important to my self-expression for several years; it is one of my favorite ways to capture my identity and interests. Yet, costuming and cosplay have been culturally overlooked, even denied, in consideration as a legitimate art form. In this series, I aim to interrogate the assumptions concerning low and high art by using cosplay and inspiration from internet subcultures like goblincore and fairycore as a a vehicle for new media art and self-portraiture. 

I would like to thank the Millers Arts Scholars program at the University of Virginia for granting me $500 in Spring 2022 to create this series. 

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