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VIP Rentals Business Card


VIP Rentals LLC (Gustavo & Patricio Llanos)

Woodbridge, VA




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Project Overview

In 2023, I was tasked with designing a business card for VIP Rentals, an event furnishing company based in Woodbridge, Virginia. The goal was to create a professional and eye-catching business card that would represent the company's brand and services effectively.

Project Description 

  • Initial Consultation: Held a meeting with the business owners to discuss their vision, branding, and specific requirements for the business card. 

  • Design Development: Utilized Canva to create an initial iteration of the business card, incorporating the owners' vision and feedback.

  • Refinement and Finalization: Adjusted the design based on client feedback to ensure it met their expectations and business needs.

  • Delivery: Delivered the final business card design in high resolution, suitable for printing and digital use. The design was also adapted to be used as a Facebook banner, providing cohesive branding across different platforms.


The business card design was highly appreciated by VIP Rentals, fulfilling their need for a professional and attractive representation of their brand. The high-resolution design ensured excellent print quality, while the adaptability of the design for use as a Facebook banner helped maintain consistent branding across various mediums.

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