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About Me

Hello! My name is Olivia (she/her) and I'm a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where I earned dual majors in Studio Art and Media Studies. I am currently attending the University of Virginia for a fifth year to pursue my Master's degree in Media, Culture, and Technology. I'm eager to gain experience in editorial, pedagogical, and /or creative work and am searching for full-time opportunities beginning in June 2024.

As a multimedia creator, I specialize in various forms of visual art, including animation, illustration, graphic design, and game design. I am most proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. In my art, I aim to bring imaginative worlds to life and explore the fascinating intersection of art, the internet, and the digital age.

In my media research, I explore black women's online communities and cultures. Particularly, I analyze gaming and fandom cultures. I seek to understand the ways in which black women use and create media, the experience of "the internet", and social media platforms as forms of expression and avenues for creative online play. My research aims to explore the dynamic ways in which black women navigate these space, amplify our voices, and promote diversity, representation, and equity in creative communities, the digital sphere, and cultures of play.

My academic journey and personal interests have shaped me into a curious, bubbly, and natural leader. I'm eager to gain experience in pedagogical work, games and fandom research, and professional art-making, Beyond my studies, you can find me curating playlists on Spotify, sipping coffee, or playing video games. 


Thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to explore my portfolio and reach out if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. I look forward to connecting with you! 😊

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