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Imagifriend Inc.

Analog Game (PDF). May 2022

Imagifriend Inc. is an analog, competitive, and creative role-playing game. This game is co-authored by Calathea Pacifica, Rachel Blackman, and Nikita Sexana. This was our final project in Dr. Sean Duncan's "Games and Play" class at the University of Virginia. The game needs at least 3 players and is for ages 5+.


Drawing inspiration from Inside Out (2015), Monsters Inc. (2001), and The Good Place, the players all work at a magical company called "Imagifriend Incorporated"as Imaginary Friend Designers (IFDs); the gameplay simulates a day in the life of their job, in which they design imaginary friends for children in the real world.


In this game, players draw imaginary friends, rip them up, create monsters, and compete to win the best design and be promoted "supervisor" of the next creative challenge. 

The main mechanics of this game include drawing on paper, and ripping up drawings, pitching one's creations to a group, and voting on those creations. Ultimately, our game is makes a child-like and whimsical spin on corporate work environments to create a fun, silly, creative-challenge experience that the whole family can enjoy. 


We collaboratively designed this game and conducted a  thorough playtest/iteration process. We received positive remarks from our playtesters with only minor adjustments recommended. Dr. Duncan graded us a satisfactory on the assignment and said the following about our game: "This game is great! As I said during playtesting, it was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had playtesting games for this course, and your game has a very playful, almost child-like feel to it. That seems quite intentional, but is also very hard to pull off." 

A pdf of the game is available on this page. 

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