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My Moons

Multimedia Collage Gif Series. 2021. 

My Moons (2021) was my submission to the second project in my Introduction to New Media Course at the University of Virginia. For this project, we were tasked to work on a small multimedia installation through the scope of self-portrait. I have always been inspired by the tiny, whimsical worlds diorama artists create, and used this type of art to guide my project. 


In this multimedia gif series, I use children's arts and craft supplies, photography, and animation to create six mini utopias. On these worlds, one can see tiny people leisurely roaming these moons, exploring and playing on them. These worlds are representations of myself and values, such as my imaginative personality, adoration of cuteness, and deep connection to my childhood. 

My work plays with micro and macro scales, where people dwell on moons nearly as big as themselves, walk amongst gummy bear buildings and awe at a giant butterfly roaming through the sky. 


It's my hope that viewers have fun with this series and be reminded of the paracosms we'd create and the sense of wonder we felt toward the world when we were kids. 

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