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Skyswimming Video Loop


Skyswimming (Adin Yager)

Charlottesville, VA




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Project Overview:
In May 2022, I was commissioned to create a 10-second looping video for the Spotify artist Skyswimming, featuring his signature snorkeling astronaut mascot. The video was designed to enhance the auditory experience of his lo-fi music tracks.
Project Description:
  • Utilized Adobe Photoshop to meticulously recreate and refine the Skyswimming mascot, ensuring high-quality visuals that resonate with the artist’s existing brand.
  • Designed engaging backgrounds and props to complement the theme of a snorkeling astronaut floating through space.
  • Transitioned the artwork to Adobe After Effects, where I employed Puppet Animation to bring the mascot to life in a smooth and captivating loop.
  • Coordinated closely with the artist to ensure the video’s visual aesthetics perfectly matched the tone and style of his music.

The final video is slated for release alongside future Skyswimming music tracks, intended to enhance the listening experience and engage viewers with a unique visual representation of the music’s themes. This project not only demonstrated my skills in animation and visual design but also emphasized my ability to work collaboratively with clients to produce tailored multimedia content. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming release underscore the successful integration of visual art with music.
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